Reitsch Room, inside Mendelssohn PAC

John Batdorf, 420 North Main Street, Rockford, IL

LIVE SESSION The mission of Concert Conversations is to give the artist a comfortable (and acoustically delicious), space with professional sound and lighting in which to share with an attentive and intelligent audience, the passion of the art that drives him/her which speaks to the passion that drives us.

John Batdorf has sung and strummed through many careers in one lifetime. Starting with the 70's as a recording artist with Batdorf and Rodney and Silver. He made records and toured this country and Canada for most of the 70s. Batdorf spent the 80's as a staff songwriter writing songs for America, England Dan, The Curry sisters and Kim Carnes, and as studio singer singing on hundreds of jingles, movies, and TV shows.Then came the 90's and he started producing records and commercials. During that time Batdorf met and went on to write some great songs with Michael McLean. They recorded 4 CDs together. In 1996 Batdorf scored the CBS TV prime time show, "Promised Land", going on to compose all the music underscore for three years until the show came to an end. I went on to compose music for another CBS drama, "Touched By An Angel", the entire musical score for a 2 hour made for PAX TV movie called "Book of Days" and the music for a theatrical piece "The Best Two Years". Entering into the new millennium, John recorded a new CD with James Lee Stanley "All Wood And Stones" (a highly original take on early Rolling Stones songs, done acoustically with tight harmonies) along with his first solo EP, "Side One." His first full length solo CD, "Home Again" is an acoustic guitar and vocal enthusiasts dream come true! John's 2008 CD, "Still Burnin'" teams him up again with Mark Rodney. The duo recorded a live show at XM Studios in Washington D.C. revisiting many of their great songs from the 70s.This marks the first new Batdorf and Rodney recordings since 1975! In June 2009, John released his third solo CD, "Old Man Dreamin'," which got rave reviews and extensive radio play and truly established John as a solo artist. May of 2011, Batdorf and Rodney were elected into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Now in the fall of 2011, John has released arguably his finest solo CD, "One Last Wish," and will be supporting the project all of 2012. When you hear John sing songs about things that really matter to him, you'll understand why they mean so much to his fans that have spanned over four decades.