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Emerson House

Acoustic Eidolon, 420 North Main Street, Rockford, IL

LIVE SESSION The mission of Concert Conversations is to give the artist a comfortable (and acoustically delicious), space with professional sound and lighting in which to share with an attentive and intelligent audience, the passion of the art that drives him/her which speaks to the passion that drives us.

Acoustic Eidolon, featuring Joe Scott on double neck guitjo and Hannah Alkire on cello are from Colorado and have graced stages throughout the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.  With nine CDs and a DVD to their credit, these masterful artists continue to captivate audiences throughout the world with their signature “new acoustic” sound and boundless possibilities in blending Celtic, Folk, World & Latin music influences, something that Dirty Linen Magazine praises as “a sumptuous musical feast.”  

Their original sound is created by the mixing of their diverse musical backgrounds and their unusual instrumentation including the one-of-a-kind double neck guitjo, an instrument of Joe’s own design described as a beautiful harp-like sounding instrument. The double-neck guitjo has 14 strings and Joe has developed his own style and technique, playing both necks simultaneously.  Classically-trained cellist Hannah Alkire studied with G. Magyar of the Hungarian String Quartet and is recognized internationally for her stunning tone and emotional, impeccable playing and for taking the cello places it’s never been before.

The two joined their personal lives after forming their musical alliance and were married in 2001.  The result is a coupling of intricate and passionate music with genuine and engaging stories.

Fate has a magical way of bringing people together. Take the case of Joe and Hannah, aka Acoustic Eidolon. In 1995, Hannah, a studio cellist, received a call to play on a Boulder ensemble’s record. Hannah listened in amazement as directions to the recording studio told her to turn on a small road near her home, and then turn down her own street past her house!

What happened next was magic. Captivated by the music they created together, Joe and Hannah immediately agreed to clear out their schedules, start rehearsing full-time, and form what would become Acoustic Eidolon.

Six years later, they were married and now their love for one another, and their passion for life, speaks through their music.



Reitsch Room, inside Mendelssohn PAC

John Batdorf, 420 North Main Street, Rockford, IL

LIVE SESSION The mission of Concert Conversations is to give the artist a comfortable (and acoustically delicious), space with professional sound and lighting in which to share with an attentive and intelligent audience, the passion of the art that drives him/her which speaks to the passion that drives us.

John Batdorf has sung and strummed through many careers in one lifetime. Starting with the 70's as a recording artist with Batdorf and Rodney and Silver. He made records and toured this country and Canada for most of the 70s. Batdorf spent the 80's as a staff songwriter writing songs for America, England Dan, The Curry sisters and Kim Carnes, and as studio singer singing on hundreds of jingles, movies, and TV shows.Then came the 90's and he started producing records and commercials. During that time Batdorf met and went on to write some great songs with Michael McLean. They recorded 4 CDs together. In 1996 Batdorf scored the CBS TV prime time show, "Promised Land", going on to compose all the music underscore for three years until the show came to an end. I went on to compose music for another CBS drama, "Touched By An Angel", the entire musical score for a 2 hour made for PAX TV movie called "Book of Days" and the music for a theatrical piece "The Best Two Years". Entering into the new millennium, John recorded a new CD with James Lee Stanley "All Wood And Stones" (a highly original take on early Rolling Stones songs, done acoustically with tight harmonies) along with his first solo EP, "Side One." His first full length solo CD, "Home Again" is an acoustic guitar and vocal enthusiasts dream come true! John's 2008 CD, "Still Burnin'" teams him up again with Mark Rodney. The duo recorded a live show at XM Studios in Washington D.C. revisiting many of their great songs from the 70s.This marks the first new Batdorf and Rodney recordings since 1975! In June 2009, John released his third solo CD, "Old Man Dreamin'," which got rave reviews and extensive radio play and truly established John as a solo artist. May of 2011, Batdorf and Rodney were elected into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Now in the fall of 2011, John has released arguably his finest solo CD, "One Last Wish," and will be supporting the project all of 2012. When you hear John sing songs about things that really matter to him, you'll understand why they mean so much to his fans that have spanned over four decades.



Emerson House

Kalispell, 420 North Main Street, Rockford, IL

LIVE SESSION The mission of Concert Conversations is to give the artist a comfortable (and acoustically delicious), space with professional sound and lighting in which to share with an attentive and intelligent audience, the passion of the art that drives him/her which speaks to the passion that drives us. Shane Leonard’s interest in songwriting and the banjo wasn’t passed down from family, as is tradition for most of the musicians he's come to admire, and he didn’t grow up anywhere near Appalachia. But then again, his music isn't exactly traditional. Imbued with the kind of countrified instrumentation heard most often in stringbands and old country music, armed with lyrics of a poet's caliber, and delivering songs that shape-shift their way through a range of lush sounds and emotion, this music moves ever-onward while remaining keenly aware of the past. Leonard's solo project, Kalispell, released its debut album, Westbound, to wide critical praise in May of 2012. The album features a wide array of instruments (mostly played by Leonard himself), and also benefits from an eclectic backing band (featuring members of Field Report, S. Carey, AA Bondy and The Barley Jacks). Kalispell has toured relentlessly in 2011 and 2012, gaining blog buzz and a growing fan base.


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Bill Miller Folsom Prison Blues at Charlotte's Web

With over 15,000 hours of live concert recordings spanning four decades of our region's cultural history, this is a big project...
As we work to organize, catalogue and digitize this amazing treasure, we would welcome and love your help. Email lani@snapshotmusic.com or call 815 543-7627 and join our email mailing list for updates.

In the meantime...below is a list of live concert recordings that are actually ready for you to buy: they have been digitized and the artists have requested that they be made available. The artists are our partners in this project: net profit from all you order is split 50/50 between the artist and the archive museum.
At the moment, there is no search engine for it. Take your time and browse...scroll down memory lane...invite nostalgia or curiosity in...(or click here to download the list) 
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Live Concert Recordings – Available for Purchase - 40 Years of Charlotte’s Web Concerts 
(for calendar of current events visit: www.mendelssohnpac.org)

Bob Gibson

10/13/91 DVD

5/18/91 DVD

12/14/86 DVD “Uncle Bob”

12/5/80 double CD

5/17/80 double CD

5/14/80 single CD

12/1/79 single CD

8/1/79 double CD

4/7/79 double CD

7/2/77 double CD

10/27/73 double CD

Jim Post

11/1/08 DVD

11/19/05 DVD “Galena Rose”

4/3/04 DVD

10/29/99 DVD w/Randy Sabien

10/19/91 DVD

8/31/91 DVD

10/11/89 DVD w/Randy Sabien

9/5/87 DVD w/Randy Sabien

12/21/85 DVD w/Randy Sabien 2 camera mix

7/29/85 DVD

12/?/79 double CD

5/26/79 single CD

10/23/76 double CD

Art Thieme

7/2/77 double CD

Bill Miller

3/22/08 DVD authored, 2 camera mix

10/15/04 authored DVD/CD Combo:“Three Wisemen”

3/28/03 DVD

11/19/99 DVD

Willy Porter

11/1/03 DVD

Stuart Davis

10/24/97 DVD

8/31/96 DVD

Deep Cotton

8/29/97 DVD

Peter Lang

4/11/09 DVD

4/21/07 DVD + Double CD from archives

9/2/06 double DVD - 2nd is w/Minnesota Guitar Wizards

3/26/04 DVD w/Michael Gulezian

2/?/80 double CD

1980/81 single CD

6/15/79 double CD w/Rio Nido

10/2/78 double CD

5/7/77 double CD

Holly Near

2/12/05 DVD/CD Combo

10/19/97 DVD

11/4/89 DVD

Betsy Kaske

4/5/78 double CD

Mark Henley

6/1/78 double CD w/Uncle Willard

5/?/78 double CD

6/22/74 double CD

3/23/74 double CD

Josh White Jr.

5/17/80 double CD

Hans Mayer

1/20/01 DVD kids’ show


7/24/04 DVD

Randy Sabien

6/15/08 DVD w/Corky Siegel

4/12/08 DVD w/Band authored 3 camera mixed

10/28/06 DVD w/Corky Siegel

9/2/05 DVD w/Fiddlehead Blues Band

11/13/04 DVD w/Corky Siegel & Frank Donaldson

3/20/04 DVD w/Nate Bradac

1/22/00 DVD Fiddlehead Blues Band

5/30/93 DVD w/Trio

9/3/88 DVD w/Fiddlehead Blues Band

9/5/87 DVD w/Trio

10/10/86 w/Trio DVD/CD Combo

Corky Siegel

3/7/09 DVD w/Chamber Blues

6/15/08 DVD w/Randy Sabien

10/28/06 DVD w/Randy Sabien

11/13/04 DVD w/Randy Sabien & Frank Donaldson

5/3/02 DVD w/Chamber Blues & Randy Sabien

5/11/95 DVD w/Chamber Blues

9/1/94 DVD Siegel/Schwall Band

9/2/89 DVD Siegel/Schwall reunion

12/12/86 DVD

1/11/79 double CD

5/?/78 double CD

7/19/75 double CD

3/1/75 double CD

2/25/75 double CD

Susan Thomas

12/31/79 single CD w/Betsy Kaske

12/1/74 single CD w/Richard Thomas

2/24/74 single CD w/Richard Thomas

Claudia Schmidt

4/25/09 DVD/Double CD Combo

4/23/04 DVD

9/13/86 double DVD w/Mr B 

James Lee Stanley

2/13/10 Double DVD

11/16/07 DVD

7/22/06 DVD authored 2 camera mix w/John Batdorf

4/21/06 DVD

11/20/04 DVD

2/15/03 DVD

6/30/02 DVD

4/28/02 DVD

7/14/01 DVD

5/7/00 DVD

1/23/99 DVD

2/14/98 double DVD

11/18/97 DVD

5/3/97 DVD w/Peter Tork

1/20/96 double DVD w/Peter Tork

3/31/93 DVD

10/4/91 double DVD

5/4/91 DVD

9/5/87 DVD

6/14/85 DVD

11/?/84 double CD

5/26/82 single CD

5/30/80 single CD

6/28/80 triple CD

1980 triple CD w/Pamala Stanley

12/31/79 double CD

11/8/78 double CD

9/23/77 double CD

9/22/77 single CD

2/11/77 single CD

3/1/75 double CD

2/25/75 single CD

Muriel Anderson

11/24/06 DVD

11/29/03 DVD authored

Rob Ritchie

4/15/06 DVD/CD Combo

Ember Swift

4/24/09 DVD

2/16/08 2 camera mixed & authored DVD

2/10/07 2 camera mixed & authored DVD

7/16/05 DVD

11/6/04 authored DVD/CD Combo

Holly Near

2/12/05 DVD/CD Combo

10/19/97 DVD

11/4/89 DVD

Nob Hill Boys

11/9/07 DVD

2/10/06 DVD

4/29/05 DVD

5/16/03 DVD


3/18/06 DVD

7/24/04 DVD

Dennis Stroughmatt&Creole Stomp

6/27/09 DVD

3/31/06 DVD

Goran Ivanovic Group

9/2/06 DVD

3/4/06 DVD

David HB Drake

4/24/04 DVD kids’ show

U.Utah Phillips

3/2/80 double CD

10/13/77 double CD, 2nd is songswap w/Rosalie Sorrels

4/6/75 double CD, 2nd  is songswap w/Rosalie Sorrels

4/5/75 double CD, 2nd is songswap

w/Rosalie Sorrels

Richard Gilewitz

11/11/05 2 camera mixed & authored (available from Mel Bay Publications)

11/15/03 DVD

Rosalie Sorrels

10/13/77 double CD, 2nd is songswap w/U.Utah Phillips

4/6/75 double CD, 2nd is songswap w/U.Utah Phillips

4/5/75 double CD, 2nd is songswap w/U.Utah Phillips


7/19/08 DVD/CD Combo 3camera mix

8/29/03 DVD

8/10/02 DVD

9/3/93 DVD

6/12/93 DVD

Kraig Kenning

10/6/07 DVD

10/28/05 DVD w/Jim Seidel + double CD

10/29/04 DVD w/Jim Seidel

10/31/03 DVD w/Jim Seidel

Tom Paxton

4/24/98 DVD w/Jim Hirsch

1/11/80 double CD

8/1/79 double CD

Small Potatoes

4/19/08 DVD

4/27/07 DVD

1/22/05 DVD

1/30/04 DVD

1/11/03 DVD

2/7/98 DVD

Megon McDonough

4/19/03 DVD/CD Combo

12/9/78 double CD

Richard Meeks

11/19/05 DVD kids’ show

2/13/99 DVD kids’ show

Thea Ennen Duo

1/31/09 DVD

2/13/04 DVD

Mike & Barbara Smith

9/28/02 DVD w/friends “Passiones”

9/5/87 DVD w/band Norma Jean

4/21/80 single CD

12/31/79 single CD w/James Lee Stanley

1/11/79 double CD

3/8/79 single CD

9/23/77 double CD

10/23/76 double CD

Reptile Palace Orchestra

7/8/06 DVD

2/28/04 DVD

California Guitar Trio

10/11/08 DVD

3/10/07 DVD 3 camera mix

7/23/05  DVD 4 camera mix

4/17/04 DVD

11/15/02 DVD

9/1/02 DVD

8/31/01 DVD

9/3/95 DVD/CD Combo

Kat Eggleston

2/3/07 DVD

Sons of the Never Wrong

4/11/04 DVD

Piper Road Spring Band

7/14/07 DVD

10/8/05 DVD

1/23/04 DVD

12/28/91 triple CD “Gravel Chub”

9/4/88 DVD

8/30/80 single CD

12/30/78 triple CD

Spring/78 single CD


3/6/09 DVD

3/7/08 DVD

1/27/06 DVD

1/29/05 DVD

Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine Group

3/29/08 DVD 2 camera mix

4/9/05 DVD

5/1/04 DVD

9/29/01 DVD

7/22/00 DVD

3/3/00 DVD

10/17/98 DVD

9/27/97 DVD

10/11/96 DVD

11/9/91 double DVD

Robin & Linda Williams

9/2/89 DVD w/Jim Watson

10/25/89 DVD w/Jim Watson

8/30/80 single CD

6/30/79 double CD w/Peter Ostrushko

11/23/79 double CD Peter Ostrushko

11/25/78 single CD

11/25/77 double CD

10/19/77 single CD

Jim Kanas Trio

1/28/06 DVD kids’ show

10/15/05 DVD + double CD

Eric Noden

11/1/06 DVD

Ann Rabson

3/6/07 DVD

4/13/06 DVD

4/20/05 DVD

Rod MacDonald

4/15/05 DVD

3/30/02 DVD

5/31/86 DVD

11/23/79 double CD w/Peggy Atwood

1/20/79 double CD w/Peggy Atwood

Panoramic w/Liam Teague

10/14/06 DVD

Live Bait

9/3/05 DVD

4/11/04 DVD

6/30/02 DVD

Ron & Ann Holm

5/26/79 single CD

2/24/74 single CD

Dave Rudolf

3/31/07 DVD w/The Three Wise Guys

11/11/06 DVD kids’ show

Tingstad & Rumbel

1/27/07 DVD

Silly Wizard

10/16/86 DVD/CD Combo 2 camera mix “Party From Scotland”

Vance Gilbert

11/7/08 DVD

2/17/06 DVD

9/3/05 DVD

Tommy Sands

3/3/06 DVD w/Moya Sands

3/11/05 DVD w/Moya Sands

Hawkeye Herman

9/25/07 DVD w/Westside Andy, Glenn Davis

9/27/06 DVD w/Dave Weld

9/28/05 DVD w/Fruteland Jackson

Ernie & The Po’ Boys

9/1/06 DVD

9/4/05 DVD

8/31/02 DVD

9/2/01 DVD

Lily & Grace Henley

3/19/05 DVD kids’ show

1/13/05 DVD

4/11/04 DVD

Od Tapo Imi

9/9/07 DVD

Dean Moriarty Jazz Band 

4/29/06 DVD+doubleCD  “Woodstock: Long Time Gone” 3 camera mix

9/4/05 DVD

Shawn Phillips

3/7/08 DVD

10/9/99 DVD

12/5/78 Double CD

Monroe Crossing

9/23/06 DVD

Steve Ditzel & Blue Lightning   

9/3/05 DVD

4/20/05 DVD w/Bob Levis

8/31/02 DVD

8/30/97 DVD


11/3/06 DVD

3/12/05 DVD

Blues Guitar Showdown

7/26/08 DVD/CD Combo

Blues Guitar Shootout

7/9/05 DVD/Double CD Combo

Kevin Locke

2/17/07 DVD

10/10/98 DVD

John Batdorf

3/24/07 DVD

7/22/06 DVD authored 2 camera mix w/James Lee Stanley

Grass, Food & Lodging

11/19/77 Double CD

Reggie Sears

9/1/06 DVD/CD Combo

7/15/06 DVD+double CD

Keith Eric & Waterhouse

7/17/99 DVD

Sparky & Rhonda Rucker

3/9/07 DVD

April Verch

3/16/07 DVD

Jeff Lang

11/2/02 DVD

Bill Staines

11/?/84 CD

Susan Werner

11/23/07 DVD

Peter Mulvey

1/16/09 DVD

10/26/07 DVD

James Gordon

10/27/07 DVD

Danny Schmidt

4/6/08 DVD/Double CD Combo

1/5/07 DVD/CD Combo

The Pines

1/26/08 DVD

Beppe Gambetta

9/28/07 DVD

SharpeWorld Music Ensemble

7/28/07 DVD

4/14/07 DVD

Dya Singh World Music Group

9/20/08 DVD

Lou & Peter Berryman

9/27/08 DVD

Emily Hurd

10/10/08 DVD

Jamie Anderson & Kara Barnard

11/15/08 DVD

Ernie Hendrickson

11/26/08 DVD

Miles Nielsen(short set)

11/26/08 DVD

Tom Kastle

1/24/09 DVD


2/13/09 DVD

Poetic Justice League 4 America

2/14/09 DVD

Johnny Silver

3/21/09 DVD kids’ show

Chris Winters Band

7/11/09 DVD



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