Until We Remember

I'm back inside now and feeling much better,

Refreshed and awakened by the sound of the cold.

I shoveled some snow; split some oak and choke cherry;

Then hit my tall son 'tween shoulders quite squarely.

A solid strike with a snowball that exploded in fluff

Exposed a rosy cheeked grin and sparkling within.


To wield an ax, to split a log...

Strength and knowledge to keep

My family in warmth: the house I can heat.

And this I must say, is an asset I'd rather

Keep than to trade for another man's dollar...


The rush of self confidence, self worth and empowerment

When "Crack!“ shouts the log, in response to my blow

And willingly falls into pieces before me

Accepting, even craving to join the wood fire

That warms and gives comfort to my family inside


Here and now is worth more, I simply must say

Way more than the dollar that I‘d have to pay

Someone else to bring hither from a faraway fire

To usurp and supplant this power of mine. 


Our families to keep:

The power of love

Remains buried deep

Within us it waits

...until we remember.


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