Share a Winter Wander With Me

Share a winter wander with me

And you too will see

How grand your body can be

lead it like a yoga instructor leads a final “dead man’s pose”

Your toes are the canary in the coal mine. They will…

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I Struck Oak!

7:57 J 1.9 degrees ooh. I still need to chop more wood tonight.

10:13 .6 degrees here I go to chop leaving my fire roaring and laundry hanging…J

11:48 furnace on -1.6 degrees out.

my fire is so beautifully roasty…

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What Can Go Wrong When Felling an Elm

We saw raccoon footprints in the woods today:) and BIG canine prints as well :) (the coyote we’ve seen trotting up the creek bed and through the ravine is as big as a small German Shepard); all that’s left of…

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Temporarily Immortal

Temporarily Immortal from the collection: Wild Cucumbers Atop a Hill Called Molly

Temporarily immortal

               Momentarily pregnant

                         With mystery and promise

                                   Of magic just ahead

                                             Fleeting hours roll on eternal

                                                       Disappearing time stretches out forever

                                                                 If you recall, we often forget

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Until We Remember

I'm back inside now and feeling much better,

Refreshed and awakened by the sound of the cold.

I shoveled some snow; split some oak and choke cherry;

Then hit my tall son 'tween shoulders quite squarely.

A solid strike with…

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Political Pondering 2.

I want to shop at a place that advertises: “Nothing is on sale. We price fairly.”

A friend exclaimed with a grin: “I bought a $90 coat for $45!”

So what makes it a $90 coat to begin with? Who…

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My Movie, a first novel

author's note:This novel has a soundtrack.

The overall theme song for the story is Home In The Woods by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Each main setting where events unfold has its own theme song from the soundtrack…

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JR Sullivan's Hometown Holiday 2014

Impressions of J.R. Sullivan's Hometown Holiday, 2014

...when the three heavenly voices of Megan McDonough, Holland Zander and Marcella Rose Sciotto, together as one rose up from behind Miles Nielsen's, adding a rich layer of sonic texture, I truly believed…

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My Children Are Home

My Children Are Home from the collection: Wild Cucumbers Atop a Hill Called Molly

Okay, it’s 5:15…and 24.9 degrees out…and blowin’ like a ship-tossing storm…out on the ocean…

Kids are about to leave school…

Wonder how long I’ll have to…

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Political Pondering 1.

6:15 35 degrees out; 63 in

7:28 35 degrees out; 69 in

Well gee, the GOP sweeps the elections – so we get an out-of-touch millionaire as governor and a scare-tactic, police state, lock ‘em up or shoot ‘em sheriff…

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Jada's Story 2

Jada’s story is horrifying

            and deeper still is the terror I feel

                        …as the mother of two boys.

Have I told them so?

            can they think and know?

                        …could they possibly imagine?

In this world and in every other


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And Hilary...

And Hilary, I’m sorry: I’m still upset about your message with this…

No, it was not an impeachable offense, our country’s security was not at risk …but you never said it wasn’t okay.

You had the window, the microphone and…

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