Share a Winter Wander With Me

Share a winter wander with me

And you too will see

How grand your body can be

lead it like a yoga instructor leads a final “dead man’s pose”

Your toes are the canary in the coal mine. They will be the ones to alert you that you should think about shelter.

If you are only 5 minutes away, you’re fine: you can stay out. If, however, you’re 20 minutes away, you should wrap up what you’re doing and head home.

Kind of like your bladder: when you first hear it say, “I gotta go pee”, it’s only 1/3 full. So again, if the bathroom is right down the hall, no biggie…but if you’re driving down the highway in Nebraska, you better start looking for a rest stop.

Like the tickle in the back of your throat that announces in an irritating voice: “I’ve got a cold.” If you could use a break from work; you’ve some sick days stored away and you like the idea of sitting with a blanket wrapped around you, sipping hot tea in front of a fire, reading a book and blowing your nose…then no worries, just take some minor precautions like eating good food and sleeping enough so your cold won’t be as bad…give your body the strength to…

1:13 furnace on 68.5 degrees

1:20 furnace off 81.5 degrees

…to handle the impending virus (bug?).

If, on the other hand, you have deadlines, dependents, or other responsibilities that make life more difficult if/when you are absent, i.e.: you cannot afford the time off from your commitments/responsibilities/participation, then…the very instant that you hear that tickle in the back of your throat, stop what you are doing and listen to it! You still have time to fortify against it!! That’s really what the tickle is saying after all J

Our bodies are incredible organic machines. We are living in the holy grail of robotics/computers…for real.

…at least the design is.

Decades, (maybe centuries?) of not listening to our bodies combined with not listening to our environments…


you get what you pay for

                   so let’s all decide to pay for

                   something that’s worth getting


…to our environments, have weakened, mutated, and sometimes destroyed some or many of the functions from the original design… have made our human vehicle less “perfect”.

          For example: underarm deodorant

Our bodies have sweat glands. They serve a dual purpose: not only do they help our organs release heat, (the fan that keeps your computer from overheating), but they also help our bodies release toxins, (that’s why it stinks – but only if you’re polluting your body).

For decades we’ve been blocking the pores under our arms with deodorant that essentially clogs the pores (so you don’t stink).

The gland is still carrying the toxins, trying to push them out the pores. Instead, more toxins are introduced and the gland must carry both loads somewhere else because there’s no way out here.

…this may be a stretch but:

the breast is awfully close to the underarm…think about it

could there be a connection

1:42 furnace on 65.1 degrees

1:51 furnace off 80 degrees

          …a connection between underarm deodorant

          and breast cancer?

          The manufacturers of the deodorant, of course, say no.

I would imagine the scientists may also say no but they probably studied it in isolated experiments, not the whole body integrated suggestion I am making here.

Like if you have no toxins in your body for your sweat glands to take out

Or…? isolated

1:51 stirring the fire – it’s beautiful today J

…another stretch, maybe but

eye make-up clogging tear ducts

hair spray clogging hair follicles

body lotion clogging skin pores

nail polish clogging nail (cells)

…? think about it: nails and hair grow to remove stuff from our bodies. Skin cells fall off and are replaced, our tear ducts, saliva glands, sweat glands, …all of these serve a vital function in the overall design of the vessel that carries us in this world (time, space).

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