Political Pondering 2.

I want to shop at a place that advertises: “Nothing is on sale. We price fairly.”

A friend exclaimed with a grin: “I bought a $90 coat for $45!”

So what makes it a $90 coat to begin with? Who decides? Maybe it’s actually a $45 coat.

…and the sale just preys on the psychology of consumerism.

I want to vote for the politician who promises: “I will raise taxes to fund social programs.” 

I want to support the company that pays their employees a living wage because: “It’s our responsibility: it’s about more than just profit.”

…the company that recycles and does not pollute because: “It’s the right thing to do – we live on this planet too.”

Today too many companies only do the right thing when it benefits their profit margin or as damage control or to boost their image…increase sales. These are supposed to be side effects of doing the right thing in the first place. 

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