Just Thinking...

Have you ever chosen a font to support the thoughts you’d like to express?

My first attempt at this here and now…I think this is the font I’m thinking in today…

This afternoon is a bright and sunny crisp, end of winter cool, beginning of spring warm, relaxed in nature Saturday afternoon.

I just received the description of the CGT guitar clinic from Paul Richards as I sit comfortably in the deep connection of the universe -  in my reflection of last night’s concert featuring Danny Schmidt. Danny Schmidt is an artist in whose music I see the fibers that make up the fabric of life, I see the veins through which heart energy flows – I see the essential symbiosis of all…wow. I feel at one with, not separate from…

I first heard Danny Schmidt at the formal showcase at NERFA, (Northeast Region Folk Alliance conference), in November of 2006.

Next weekend Charlotte’s Web is presenting David Mallett and, (thanks to a grant from the Rockford Area Arts Council), a sign language interpreter will be signing the songs that David sings. (I also just learned that David’s son Will is joining him on this tour: what a bonus!)

This will be the culmination of an idea first planted in me at NERFA in November of 2006 where I was mesmerized by interpreters from Falcon Ridge Folk Festival who shared the formal showcase stage with every musician.

Last weekend featured Eclectica, an amazing band of artists I first experienced at Folk Alliance International conference in Memphis in February of 2009.

Before that, Ellis, NERFA 2007 and this summer, Treasa LeVasseur, FAI, Memphis 2009.

Thank you Folk Alliance and all you are!!!!!

Wow, I just stepped outside and was witness to a flock of whistling swans dancing north 1000+ feet up in the blue, conversing in their high-pitch raccoon purr like call. Remarkable.

Life sure is a beautiful place to be when I pause and take notice. For this, I thank the music: the artists and their muses.

Somehow, I’ve not found time to keep up with my blog. Today I feel like attempting a catch-up session. I will practice brevity…

First, I must make a fresh pot of coffee – organic, shade grown, fair trade Guatemalan from JustGoods, of course

Cheers! Lani.

Peace through music.

“The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams; because, if you can do that, you can do anything.” - Unknown


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