is a new kind of museum for a new kind of tourist: it's a virtual museum. Soon you will be able to take a tour: enter the vault and scroll through the performers' names chronologically, or refine your tour and search by name or date. The list represents almost 40 years of live performance recordings, primarily from Charlotte's Web, the legendary music club located in Rockford, Illinois, but also represented are the Woodstock Opera House Mozart Fest, the On The Waterfront festival, the Rockford Dance Company, the Mendelssohn Club, and many more. Music genres include: country/bluegrass, rhythm/blues, traditional/contemporary jazz, folk and contemporary with names such as: Doc Watson, Bill Monroe, Koko Taylor, John Hammond, Pat Metheny, Lionel Hampton, Steve Goodman, Odetta, Robert Fripp, Maria Muldaur, Jim Post, Bonnie Koloc, California Guitar Trio and Dr. Timothy Leary, (just to name a few).
    Not unlike Public Radio and Television, Snapshotmusic is supported by our members. Our Charter Members are partners with us. With their support, our passion for this project is invigorated. Thank you for your support!

  Snapshotmusic's archive vault is overflowing with more than 15,000 hours of live performance, recorded on more than 400 reel to reel tapes, 300 3/4 inch video tapes, and countless 1/2 inch SVHS and mini DV tapes. We also have thousands of posters featuring original art by more than a dozen media artists. All of this must be preserved. It is our duty and our passion.
 Since May of 2002, Snapshotmusic has upgraded to digital recording equipment for current live concert recordings. We understand the importance of transferring the aging magnetic tapes and paper posters to the digital domain. In this way our children's children's children will be able to see and hear who we are today.
 Art is not a sinful indulgence. Rather it is an essential means to understand our world. It provides a time to step out of our busy lives: time to sit down or stand up and dance, and truly enjoy a great show.
 It is the mission of Snapshotmusic to ensure the integrity of our cultural legacy by recording and preserving a diversity of performing arts. Join us and enjoy!

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Bill Miller Folsom Prison Blues at Charlotte's Web