Sunday January 22, 2012

9:30 AM 55 degrees – time to get out of bed.

10:45PM 70 degrees - time to get into bed.

The laundry is still washing…Duncan will put the clothes in the dryer for me…

Wood – all day – laundry in between, Duncan to Target at night for a sketch pad and binder, (he starts art tomorrow), and some candy tooJ. The driver’s side wiper quit on our way home. It just stopped. No slowing down or anything, it just stopped and the passenger side kept wiping…?

Wood: a fulfilling job; a satisfying thing to do all day. It sure does wipe us out though.Josh and Dad chain sawed pices that were too long from the big elm we felled back on January 15. I carried it all down – armful after armful, after armful, after armful – and stacked it – according to size and cut. This is good therapy for my obsessive compulsive disorder, (OCD), because it’s repetitious and finite and accomplishable and…it makes it so much easier when it comes time to choose the right wood for the right fire tooJ. Josh split a whole bunch too – mostly short logs for the upstairs fire. That’s okay though because I can use the full logs for the downstairs fire. In the end, the woodshed is mostly full: two stacks of split wood; one is of really short logs like four inches long and the other is longer and thin so it still fits upstairs; and four stacks of not split – whole logs: one really skinny – branches about two inches in diameter, one is of medium thickness, still small enough for the upstairs fire; and two are stacks of big logs for the downstairs fire – about eight to fourteen inches in diameter. I also stacked six pillars of logs that will need to be split. Nice. See what I mean about OCD therapy: it must be this way and I am exact but it harms no one and it makes me feel good and in the end, I am satisfied with a job well doneJ.

Josh made dinner: delicious and all of it, not just the meat, on his own with no help from me. He baked the potatoes and steamed the broccoli too – cool.

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