September Symphony from the collection Wild Cucumbers Atop a Hill Called Molly

...coming up on the rise that skirts a hill called Molly...
the greens and browns and splashes of daisy in cymbals crashing..
sky blue is the backdrop, white poofs here and there like piccolos and flutes...
the jays blast the trumpets while the grasshoppers drone on strings and the bullfrogs
enter low on bassoon...

yellowing grape leaves lounge with the sound of the cello and the blue spruce stands
erect to sound sharp like the snare drums

the piano carries the rich deep melody in the color of the golden rod, poured out to
cover the curved horizon... and is accented by the brighter sound of the harp in the
Jerusalem artichoke's yellow

...and the butterfly dances the hush that blankets the audience.
purple clover trombones and red Virginia creeper clarinets
the fairy green asparagus on triangle flirts with the now dark brown Queen Anne's
lace on tuba and bass

white mushroom puffs and shapes on timpani and kettle drum
and the grey noise for me now is the machines in the quarry and the ever rushing
cars on the the air conditioner fan in the room at the concert 

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