My Children Are Home from the collection: Wild Cucumbers Atop a Hill Called Molly

Okay, it’s 5:15…and 24.9 degrees out…and blowin’ like a ship-tossing storm…out on the ocean…

Kids are about to leave school…

Wonder how long I’ll have to worry

… Before I see their beautiful faces?


By 5:45, I’d talked face to face with them both…I’d heard both of them laugh...

I stepped into my bedroom…

Breathed in and breathed out

…relaxed and undiscovered


…as soon as I heard they’d entered the car… I went outside…not to watch for but to shovel…

To clear the path they would need…

From the car to the door

…where soon, home will bid them hello.


I saw the headlights… ran back inside…coat, hat and scarf hung in their places...

Upon seeing their faces, I calmly said:

“Oh good, you’re home.” JJJ

Whew. They never suspected.


So at 6:16 and 24.0 degrees out, all is calm…and in the kitchen…

The most amazing mashed potatoes wait patiently…

And the meatloaf has entered the pre-heated oven…

Openly greeted by a very warm welcome…


One part that is…maybe…not understood

No matter the weather, no matter the distance,

Until a mother’s babies are back under her wings,

She really is not calm and complete

…dangerous conditions just give her permission

To tell you again and to say it out loud.

So stay safe and keep her posted:

Indulge her need to hear your voice;

And always remember to

…go slowly: you do know how

She is waiting always

…to hold you again.


8:11 now, 22.8 degrees…I don’t know anything else

…that happened today.

My children are home, with all that implies

…and thank you, Honey for the best dinner EVER

…always you give to us food fueled by love.

I so don’t EVER want

…this feeling EVER to go away

Not never, no how!

I’m holding this feeling way beyond just right now

I’m keeping it always, inside with my heart. 

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