Saturday June 4, 2011
Now it's 4:26. I'm actually sitting at my new desk in my new office on the 2nd floor of the Emerson House with my book open in front of me. I'm sitting on a chair that isn't my actual desk chair and I'm taking advantage of the daylight coming through the large windows – I don't actually have any lamps yet.
We're still learning the electric potential and limitations of this gorgeous space – when it was built, the need for power to run the things we need today was not an issue. So, as with any renovated building, outlets are added and electric fuse boxes updated. Sometimes an outlet works and sometimes it doesn't. Hmmm...
The iPod is connected and tunes are filling the spaces between the boxes and chairs. Our boys are noodling about. We probably have about 10 to 15 minutes remaining on their patience meters.
After doing the hard part – picking up my huge and beautiful desk and 3 sturdy work tables for the analogue equipment – from Salvage Too and getting all up to the 2nd floor with the freight elevator, (a mechanical beast that is fantastic but requires a tall, strong person to work it), we left Josh to plug things in and Duncan, Connor and I went down the street to Subway to pick up some lunch/dinner. We returned and all 4 of us sat around my huge and beautiful desk to replace the calories we'd just burned. Ahhh, I think I was in heaven, even if only for a moment, I can envision it more and more now.
Let me just say another thing about the elevators at Emerson House. There is one that is powered. It is one of the old fashioned types that has a cage like door that must be closed from the inside in order for the elevator motor to work and it just barely fits one cart and one person. It clunks loudly, as if agitated by being asked to work, pauses and then clunks some more as the cobs and gears engage and carry the little box up to the 2nd floor. And then there is the freight elevator. Wow, this is one darned impressive piece of mechanical engineering. It's very large: we put our not disassembled futon couch in and had room to fit a second one, (had we brought it), as well as some chairs and boxes and there was still room to spare. Nonetheless, I do not recommend filling this elevator as full as the space allows because it's human powered. I've learned that the best way to get this freight elevator to the 2nd floor is to have not one but two tall, strong people, preferably a pair macho enough to need to challenge eachother. My amazing and remarkable husband not only qualifies as tall and strong, but also has proven himself worthy for the freight elevator challenge; however, he would gladly yield to the younger challenger with more to prove.

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