Chill from a Soccer Hill from the collection: Wild Cucumbers Atop a Hill Called Molly

…it was 5:13 when I’d found my perch
Up on the slant of the tall windy hill
I’ve just got to say it; it’s just got to be said:
Today is my favorite, most favoritist day every time,

When soccer invites me out under the sky

…at 5:36 the halftime whistle split the air – two times is the code –

            Grab some water!

            Shake your legs!

            You get only nine extra nods!

            So breathe deep and exhale

            Take a sip and a glance

            Find your mom at the side

            Check your laces and mates

            Back up on your feet now!

            Back out on the field!

            What a rush, what a ride – what amazing athletes!

…and at 6:19, the final whistle pierces with sharp finality

Whew – it’s a chilly wind a blowin’!!

I’ve lit a fire: inside is now 73.7 degrees…

It takes a minute to un-numb from the chill of a soccer wind J

As I warmed from inside: parental pride as the fuel, so efficient, so complete

I chopped a log and cleaned the ashes and built a beautiful wood fire

Bucket of kindling beside, box of split wood behind...

Listen to the wind as it’s howling

…and hear Janis Joplin

She’s singing about freedom; she’s singing about us

Swirling and churning in a beautiful frenzy:

Not frenetic or fanatic but energetic and fierce;

Neither threatening nor menacing but thrilling and cozy…

Dinner’s done. Dishes are done. Bed is calling. The temperature keeps falling.

Goodnight September chill

Goodnight last days of summer 

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