January 21, 2012

Up at 8:30 AM – 55 degrees

Let’s get those fires going!

Okay…a full hour later and now I feel like the fires are going well enough that I can take a minute to send some emails…It’s 61 degrees. The propane heater is going too. And my computer is telling me that I missed a scan…oh okay: run the scan.

It sure is nice to have the sun streaming through the windows. It’s a magic place here really. It’s just a full time job. Sure it’s fun and challenging but…we already have a couple of full time jobs – each – and we’ve had to neglect them for about six months now. They will fail if this keeps up.

11:40 AM 64 degrees

Now I need to get myself ready and scoot too. Josh left about an hour ago to meet Vince at Emerson. He needed to gether some more music from the archives for his radio show – Charlotte’s Web: Live from the Archives on Rockford College Radio every Monday evening at 7pm and replayed on Thursday mornings at 9, cool.

12:01 PM – yikes – I best get out of here – April Verch is tonight!

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